Sunday, January 8, 2012

Using SEO to Manage your Online Reputation

As an increasingly huge number of consumers and customers are now turning online to share what they think of a particular brand or company, the internet has become a powerful tool to showcase a business' presence, credibility, and accountability, as well as for spreading news, sharing opinions, and boosting online reputation.

With the escalating popularity of social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter to name a few, social networking platforms have become a powerful tool for creating a first good impression on the public, as well as reaching out and delivering content to thousands of people.

With these in mind, according to a search engine optimization expert, for a business to survive online, it must first establish, earn, and manage a good online reputation.

To achieve this, it must first establish and earn trust and respect as these are the two most important principles of a successful business that measure any business' or individual's credibility and accountability.

You can boost and manage your online reputation through efforts at search engine optimization.

SEO Strategies That Can Help You Manage Your Online Reputation

1. Assess Your Business Standings

Before you can manage your online reputation, you must do an assessment and evaluation of where you stand. You can do this by typing your names in search engines.

2. Create content that Outranks Negative Result

Proactively post useful, positive information about yourself or your business. In this way, you might reduce the visibility of the bad content in the search results. Google suggests that to push the negative links down or off SERP, you can respond to negative reviews of your business. You can use your social networks' profiles in posting your response as profiles from these sites are powerful tools for this purpose.

3. Make an Identity Hub
To push your positive online presence further up in search results, create a hub that connects to all of your content. Then push your hub to the top of search results for your name by:

Claim your domain name. Makes sure to include the search term in the URL of your web page in order to tell search engines what the page is about.

Reference Yourself. A good way to tell search spiders that the page is about you is to use your name a lot like using your name in tabs and headers.

Link to Your Content. Nowadays, Google has now taken into account each link to your site as a vote for your site. So make sure to have more reputable links as these are considered better votes. Likewise, make sure to sign up for as many social media profiles as possible and then link them all to your hub as their "votes" count as much more reputable than a page you just created.


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